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2017-05-22 More Evidence Points to North Korea in Ransomware Attack The New York Times Evidence, attack, hackers
2017-05-17 Google, Not the Government, Is Building the Future The New York Times Future, tech, Ggogle
2017-05-15 In Computer Attacks, Clues Point to Frequent Culprit: North Korea The New York Times North Corea, hackers, attacks
2017-05-13 How Google Took Over the Classroom The New York Times Google, public education transformation, personal data
2017-05-11 Verizon comprará Straight Path por 3,100 millones de dólares El Economista Conexión 5G, compra de acciones
2017-05-08 Comcast launches new WiFi service as connected devices grow Reuters Wi-Fi, cloud-base service
2017-05-08 Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant will soon have its own smart speaker The Washington Post Smart Speaker
2017-05-03 The Online Marketplace That’s a Portal to the Future of Capitalism The New York Times online, Marketplace, Future of Capitalism
2017-04-30 Apple’s Stock Races Ahead as Investors Bet on New iPhones The New York Times Investors, iPhones
2017-04-27 A Hardware Renaissance Grows in Brooklyn — and Elsewhere The New York Times Hardware, Reinassance
2017-04-24 Unroll.me Service Faces Backlash Over a Widespread Practice: Selling User Data The New York Times Data information
2017-04-21 Google Earth’s New Voyager Tool Aims to Feed Our Wanderlust The New York Times Voyager tool, tour
2017-04-17 How YouTube’s Shifting Algorithms Hurt Independent Media The New York Times Content, YouTube, independent media
2017-04-05 Broadband Fuels Explosion in Music Streaming US TELECOM streaming, music plataforms, digital downloads
2017-03-23 Banks and Tech Firms Battle Over Something Akin to Gold: Your Data The New York Times Banks, Data, Tech Firms